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Teshikaga Town: A Place in Harmony with the Earth

Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel is located in Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido, a place that harmonizes with the earth.
One of the lakes in this town, Lake Mashu, is called "Kamuito" in Ainu language.
It's known as the "Lake of the Gods," a sacred place.
By sharpening your senses, including the sixth sense, you can experience the power of the earth and the universe throughout your body.

About a 20-minute drive from Lake Mashu, you'll see Lake Kussharo.
Relax from within in natural hot springs warmed by geothermal energy by the lakeside.
When you immerse yourself in Lake Kussharo nearby,
you can feel the connection between the earth and the universe.

I believe such a connection between people and nature is lacking in modern humanity.
Especially in Japan, the connection between people and nature is scarce,
and even more lacking is the connection between people.

A life where people coexist with nature, helping each other,
and sharing the joy of living.
A place where these once ordinary things are cherished is Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido.
Feel what it's like to harmonize with the earth at Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel.

Recommended Spots

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  • Mt. Mashu

    Stay at Lake Mashu Youth Hostel, closest to Mt. Mashu.
    Experience the earth's pulse and mystic energy.
    The summit offers a breathtaking 360-degree view.
    The 5-hour round trip has beginner-friendly trails and stunning vistas.
    Begin early for a beautiful sunrise.

  • Lake Mashu

    Lake clarity ranks second globally! (Not being first oddly adds credibility, right? 😄)
    A mystical lake that instinctively invites prayers.
    Approximately a 7-minute drive or around 6km
    on foot from Mashu Youth Hostel.
    First Observation Deck and Third Observation Deck are
    both recommended visits!
    If you go to the Backside Mashu Observation Deck,
    do visit the divine spring where
    groundwater gushes from Lake Mashu.
    A place for both mental and physical purification, leaving you refreshed.

  • Lake Kussharo

    Japan's largest caldera lake!
    Hot springs gush out along the lakeside,
    some places offering free entry.
    Kotan Onsen is highly recommended!
    Those who want to swim in the lake or females
    (due to mixed bathing) require swimsuits.
    During summer, visit the sand baths for lake bathing and
    sand steaming baths!
    Wakoto Peninsula offers free hot springs (mixed bathing) and
    a full lakeside trek around the peninsula!

  • Mount Iou

    A place to feel the living pulse of the earth!
    Sulphur spurting from the ground creates a unique sensation.
    A must-visit is the Tsutsujigaoka Natural Exploration Route Trek!
    Kawayu Visitor Center as the starting point and Mount Iou as the final destination.
    The changing scenery along the trail is intriguing!
    Return easily by bus from Kawayu Onsen Station to the Kawayu Visitor Center.

  • Kawayu Onsen

    Famous hot springs boasting acidity like lemon!
    Recommended day-use hot springs are
    Kawayu Kanko Hotel and Kinki-yu.
    After warming up your body,
    enjoy a gentle meal at Suzume Shokudo.
    For a quick soak, try the free footbath!

    During autumn, the forest transforms
    into a night museum with beautiful light displays.
    Experience the unique entertainment that
    can be found in a national park.

  • Neighboring Teshikaga Town

    Nakashibetsu Town

    A town that feels like another planet next to Teshikaga Town!
    According to astronauts,
    Nakashibetsu Town's grid-like windbreak forests
    are visible even from space.
    From the Kaiyo-dai Observatory, see a 360-degree horizon.
    The vast untouched nature and grazing cows are soothing.
    After being healed by untouched nature, have a fulfilling time at Restaurant Makusha with their curry.


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