Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel

Lake Mashu, boasting
the world's second-highest transparency,
is also known as the "Lake of the Gods."

Nestled in the breathtaking town of Teshikaga,
this youth hostel serves
as the "Eastern Hokkaido Terminal."

The winter break is over,
and we are now connected by phone!

Notice: We are currently accepting reservations until October 14, 2024.
We will gradually add reservation slots.

Eastern Hokkaido TerminalLake-Mashu Youth Hostel

Mashu Youth is akin to
a "health center" for travelers.

At the end of a straight road lies this establishment, proudly presenting Lake Mashu,
which, after Russia's Lake Baikal,
holds the world's second-highest

This inn standing closest to
the lake exudes tranquility,
offering everyone a peaceful sanctuary.
It embodies "freedom" and "blank spaces."

Located precisely
in the middle of Eastern Hokkaido,
easily accessible from
any tourist destination in all directions,
it's the "Eastern Hokkaido Terminal."


Lake Mashu

~ The mystical lake boasting Japan's
highest transparency ~

Mashu Lake,
known as "Kamuito" in Ainu language,
is a mystical place referred to as
the Lake of the Gods.

With Japan's top and
the world's second-highest transparency,
the unique color born from the reflection of
the blue sky on the incredibly clear waters
is known as "Mashu Blue."

The appearance of the lake changes
significantly with the seasons,
always offering visitors new and
mesmerizing views.
Please explore the beauty of
Lake Mashu in each season.


This is the closest
accommodation to Lake Mashu,
a warm space where
everyone can be themselves.
Experience the morning chirping of birds,
the rustle of leaves,
the voices of animals at night,
and the starry sky emerging
from the pitch darkness.
Take a break from urban chaos
and everyday stress,
and feel the Earth's natural rhythm
in the flow of relaxed time.

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Attractions around
Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel

Teshikaga, Hokkaido,
is a place where people coexist with nature,
help each other,
and share the joy of living—a tradition upheld
since ancient times.
Come and experience a sense of unity
with the Earth at Mashu Lake Youth Hostel.
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recommended by the owner!

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