Important of
Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel

Feelings towards
Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel

Lake Mashu Youth Hostel is
like a destination's "infirmary".
At the end of a straight road,
standing closest to Lake Mashu,
this hostel is a very quiet and
comforting place for everyone.
There is freedom and blank space here.

Located right
in the middle of Eastern Hokkaido,
this hostel is close to
tourist destinations in all directions,
it's the "Eastern Hokkaido Terminal".

Gathered with many travelers,
feeling the warmth between people,
feeling the pure wind from Lake Mashu,
and at night, surrounded by a sky full of
stars and animal sounds.
Being "alive" among creatures in this place,
would you like to
spend some time here together?

Towards a Place That Melts Away Boundaries Between People

In order to dissolve
the boundaries between people
and regain connections,
the encounters here are
not based on gains or losses,
but aim to be a central place where connections continue into the future,
pursuing the Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel daily.

People come from all over Japan to this place,
and they come from all over the world too.
Lake Mashu has the allure to attract many such individuals.

As the role of this Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel located at its base,
with diverse backgrounds,
we aim to create a place that connects customers from various places.
Our aim is to create a place that allows deeply involved relationships,
eliminating boundaries, enabling profound connections.

  • Share Lounge

    At Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel, a communal lounge is available for guests to use freely.
    The lounge offers a shared drink corner, gas stove, knives, cutting boards, dishes, cooking sets, a large TV, manga, and magazines. It's designed to encourage guests to engage in activities together or initiate interactions.

  • Craft Beer

    We offer distinctive craft beers.
    How about enjoying delicious drinks as a part of a fun exchange??

    ■ Craft Beer... ¥500
    2023's fruity craft beer made with Hyuganatsu from Miyazaki Prefecture.
    This beer has even won awards at beer competitions.
    (Menu may vary depending on the season)

    ■ Sapporo Classic Bottle Beer... ¥600

    〈 Other Food and Drink 〉
    ■ Cup Ramen... ¥250

  • Barbecue

    We also offer BBQ set rentals!
    You can freely enjoy BBQs within the Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel premises!
    Feel free to utilize this as an opportunity for interaction!!

    Furthermore, we hold irregular dinner BBQ events!
    These events are organized when guests and staff feel like it, or when we want to foster closer relationships among guests!
    If you want to join, please talk to our staff!
    Occasionally, residents from the local area also come to our irregular BBQ events^^

    ■ Irregular Dinner BBQ Event (Minimum 3 participants)・・・¥2,500
    (Includes ingredient costs, charcoal, tableware, chopsticks, and other BBQ equipment)

    ■ BBQ Set Rental・・・¥2,000
    (Barbecue grill, grill net, tongs, gloves, chairs and table, knives, cutting boards, chopsticks, plates)
    Individual rentals are also available. Please inquire.

    ■ Genuine Charcoal (Approx. 3-4 servings from Kanagawa Prefecture, Yamakita Town)・・・¥800~
    ※ 10% of sales are returned to the production area in Yamakita Town, Kanagawa Prefecture

Unique Hostel Share Culture

We believe that sharing something creates interaction and joy.
Sharing can serve as a conversation starter and by conversing, we can bridge emotional distances, experiencing greater joy.

From sharing spaces like the lounge, restroom, and baths, the distance between guests naturally shrinks.
This appropriate closeness and the building's rustic nature blur boundaries.
It allows for relaxation, being oneself, and fosters an atmosphere where people feel comfortable engaging in casual conversations.

Apart from this, there are other elements in the hostel where you can share spaces or topics.
Feel free to explore and engage with them.

Area to share spaces and topics

International Exchange,
Cultural Exchange Hub

People come to Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel from all over Japan,
as well as from all corners of the world.
It's a place where international and cultural exchanges naturally occur.

The other day, a Swiss visitor asked me, "What's the difference between '○○山' and '○○岳'?"
and we ended up having a conversation about the quirks of the Japanese language! (laughs)
For me, as a Japanese, it was an eye-opener since I naturally read them as '○○山' and '○○岳'!

Interacting with different cultures broadens perspectives and enables us to see things from various angles.
This naturally happens at Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel.

We organize events like markets and art exhibitions using Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel's space, providing deeper opportunities for cultural exchanges!
We announce these events on the news page, so please come and join us!

Born in 1999, from Kanagawa Prefecture.
After graduating from the Department of Physics at Tokyo University of Science, took a gap year for African travel,
studied and practiced at eumo Academy, Gaia Youth, exploring how people can live a fulfilling and happy life.
Subsequently, co-founded the company AirAle focused on regional revitalization in April '23.
Took over Lake-Mashu Youth Hostel in Tokachi, Hokkaido, a place running for 50 years, in June of the same year.

Owner's Message

When you're traveling, sometimes you might not know what to do or where to go,
but at Lake-Mashu Youth, there might be something.
It could be fun or something valuable.
I want it to be a place where you feel that way.

It might be an unexpected encounter with someone or a sudden realization or inspiration.
Of course, I can recommend places to visit, including Lake Mashu, and provide a relaxing environment at the hostel,
but most importantly, I want it to be a place you can always come back to during your travels, a terminal of sorts.

In Japan, there's often an unwritten rule not to talk to strangers, even more so than abroad.
I want this place to be somewhere that breaks down those barriers.
Breaking down barriers with people and with nature.
Re-establishing connections.
And, I want everyone to play in the amusement park called Planet Earth.
I'll make this place the most interesting gathering spot in Hokkaido. (Declaration 😂) Kyohei


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